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Adaptive Live 18 Sessions

Download PDFs from Adaptive Live 2018 Session Presentations.

Here you will find the Adaptive Live 2018 session presentations held on Wednesday, May 23 and Thursday, May 24. Most presentations are available to view and download. Presentations are listed in alphabetic order by title.

Session Description Presenters
Active Planning Process for Grants, Day 1 Grants are a critical source of funding for many nonprofit organizations. We’ll share how an active planning process can help you manage grants with ease, realize revenue, manage and plan for required grant information, and carefully report
and monitor expenses across a grant portfolio. Please note that grant planning for higher education will be covered in the industry session “How Higher Ed Gets Smarter with Active Planning.”
  • Melanie Twardzicki, The Exploratorium
  • Anna Amselle, multiple nonprofit organizations
  • Greg Volpe, Adaptive Insights
Adaptive Insights for Sales: Quota Capacity & Territory Planning for
Software Companies
, Day 1
Hear how FP&A teams at several software companies have brought their sales operations teams into the fold with Adaptive Insights for Sales. We’ll share how their sales capacity models were designed to flex ramping, staffing & attainment assumptions, construct balanced territories, and link back to the core financial environment to run holistic scenarios.
  • Mark Chamberlain, Ivanti
  • Pam Bragan, Acquia
  • Scott Spilker, Winshuttle
  • John Pasvankias, Adaptive Insights
  • Matt Shore, Adaptive Insights
Advanced Board Reporting, Day 1 Adaptive Insights’ reporting isn’t limited to just the web; our Microsoft Office plug-ins give you an astonishing degree of reporting power and flexibility. Learn how to get the most out of OfficeConnect and make one-click board reporting a reality. Alice Coyne, Adaptive Insights
Advanced Formulas: The Hidden World, Day 1 Our formula language provides unexpected levels of power and flexibility. This session will dive into the “this. Object” terms, the new approach to time references, the new SWITCH function, and more. A basic knowledge of Adaptive Insights formulas is a prerequisite for this session, as it will be detailed and technical. Robert Lin, Adaptive Insights
Advanced Modeling with Adaptive Insights, Day 2 Adaptive Insights’ industry-leading modeling capabilities are constantly expanding. Here we’ll highlight recent advances in modeling while providing tips for using our powerful modeling tools. Nate Skelton, Adaptive Insights
Advanced Web Reporting: The Hidden Power, Day 2 Once you have the basics of Adaptive Insights mastered, there’s an even deeper level of powerful features waiting to be unleashed. Learn about the new custom display expression feature and new formatting modes, as well as best practices for building faster, more powerful reports. Alice Coyne, Adaptive Insights
Automating Your Monthly Financial Reports, Day 2 Learn how to use OfficeConnect to create presentation-ready reports, along with best practices for report creation and maintenance. We’ll also walk through using OfficeConnect in PowerPoint to create board presentations.
  • Jonathan Lau, Instructure
  • Alice Coyne, Adaptive Insights
Carlson Approach to Integrated Revenue Planning, Day 1 Dynamic revenue planning is a challenge for many companies, particularly in industries with recurring revenue models and complex recognition rules such as ASC606. In this session we’ll explore the Carlson Approach to Best-in-Class Systems Infrastructure, including a hands-on demonstration of an integrated revenue planning process showcasing
data flows between systems.
  • Kerman Lau, Adaptive Insights
  • Tony Acosta, Adaptive Insights
Cashflow Forecasting: Tips on Modelling Prepaids, Variable Comp & CAPEX, Day 1 Having trouble predicting cash? Effectively forecasting cash often requires more than just an accurate P&L. Come learn how customers are using Adaptive Insights to model prepaids, variable comp accruals, CAPEX and other items that impact their cashflow.
  • Andrew Setness, DialSource
  • Henry Hsi, Adaptive Insights
Custom Calendars and Time Granularity, Day 2 While financial statements are generally produced monthly, some metrics and models are meaningful in more granular time increments such as weekly or even daily. Additionally, not all businesses operate on the same fiscal periods. With the introduction of custom time periods and time granularity in Adaptive Insights, you can now plan and report in the time periods that matter to you, such as weekly sales data or 13  accounting periods. See how customers are leveraging
custom calendars and incorporating detailed planning into existing models.
  • Robert Hart, The Doe Run Company
  • Juan Maldonado, Adaptive Insights
Customer Insights: Extending Planning Beyond Finance, Day 1 In many organizations, a lot of planning happens in spreadsheets owned by budget managers. Bringing the offline effort into your model increases insight into the drivers and initiatives behind the numbers. In this session, see how one customer uses additional planning spaces for supporting detail and linked them directly to the financial model.
  • Dana Erickson, Fairfield Residential
  • Amanda Merchant, Adaptive Insights
Customer Insights: Real-Life Stories of FP&A Transformation, Day 2 See how one customer reduced cycle times and increased the strategic value delivered by the finance team.
  • Sandy Pelayo, Adaptive Insights
  • Elizabeth Davis, Bodybuilding.com
Data, Data Everywhere, Day 1 With general ledgers, HR systems, and operational databases, you have a deluge of data. But how do you turn it all into actionable insights? We’ll discuss how you can automatically incorporate fresh financial and operational data into your Adaptive Insights model, allowing you to create powerful dashboards that can inform planning and deliver insights to
your organization.
  • Richard Danis, Defence Construction Canada
  • Navpreet Uppal, Defence Construction Canada
  • Himansu Sekhar, Adaptive Insights
Data-driven Finance Leader, Day 1 From big data and network effects to the subscription economy and cloud computing, modern finance is undergoing its most fundamental transformation ever. Today, it takes a data-driven finance leader – someone who understands and embraces the promise and power of technology – to navigate this exciting, uncertain future. In this session Sage Intacct experts and customers will discuss how to be a data-driven finance leader and lead from the front. Rich Reimer, Sage Intacct
Developing Executive Presence, Day 1 Personal presence and career advancement go hand in hand. In this interactive workshop, we will explore the traits,
behaviors, and skills that you need to cultivate and develop in order to evolve into today’s modern executive.
  • Amy Reichanadter, Adaptive Insights
  • Patricia Strohlein Adaptive Insights
Driving Ownership: Increasing Transparency and Accountability, Day 1 The secret to increasing transparency and accountability is access to timely and trusted data. We’ll show how to use
reports to distribute data quickly and easily to budget managers so you can increase visibility into performance and variance drivers, giving your team true ownership over the numbers.
Mark Crenwelge, Adaptive Insights
Expert Insights: Performance Optimization, Day 2 Even small changes can result in large performance gains for users. Come listen as one of our performance engineers shares tips and tricks to get your Adaptive Insights model running at top speed. You’ll learn how to identify areas for improvement and get specific ideas for maximizing performance. Richard Muirhead, Adaptive Insights
Extend Your Insights: A User’s Guide to Long Term Planning, Day 2 Planning out years in advance usually requires a much higher-level perspective than the details required for the annual operating plan. In this session, we’ll show you how to leverage the details in your near-term forecasts to make assumptions and anticipate trends for your long-range planning. Keith Anglin, Adaptive Insights
Give Your Model a Tune Up: Best Practices for Maintaining & Troubleshooting Your
, Day 1
Join us for an overview of “must-knows” for managing and maintaining your instance. This session is presented by one of our top troubleshooting experts. You’ll learn considerations to make before making changes to your structure, formulas, or versions, as well as common troubleshooting techniques to help understand and correct errors. You’ll also
learn about timing Admin changes to optimize your end users’ experience.
  • Andrea Smith, Adaptive Insights
  • Josh Crume, Adaptive Insights
Harnessing Business Drivers and Rolling Forecasts for Better Business Insights, Day 1 Accuracy starts with agility. Learn how customers are using rolling forecasts to improve the accuracy of their plans and
deliver more relevant insights to their business stakeholders. In addition, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of
how to use formulas and custom accounts to create robust, driver-based planning models in Adaptive Insights.
  • Martin Hogan, Creation Technologies
  • Maneesh Chhabra, Adaptive Insights
  • Tony Wright, Adaptive Insights
How to Plan Your Plan, Day 1 Effectively managing short and long-term projects requires a defined approach and a specific set of skills and knowledge. In this interactive workshop, you will learn the process, approach, strategy, and some of the tools needed to effectively manage people and resources throughout the budgeting and planning cycle.
  • Patricia Strohlein, Adaptive Insights
  • Quy Dong, Adaptive Insights
Industry Session: How Healthcare Gets Better with Active Planning In this interactive customer spotlight, finance leaders from several healthcare providers will discuss how they effectively use active planning to align their services with growth while achieving healthy visibility into their expenses. This is your chance to ask questions, network, and gain insights into best practices.
  • Sarah Renaud, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island
  • Andrew Schmidt, HealthEast Care System
Industry Session: How Higher Ed Gets Smarter with Active Planning, Day 1 In this interactive customer spotlight, finance leaders from higher education organizations will discuss how to effectively
manage funding programs while achieving clear visibility into expenses. This is your chance to ask questions, network,
and gain insights into best practices.earlier, and make course corrections more rapidly and efficiently.
Beth Walkley, Ramapo College of New Jersey
Industry Session: How Manufacturers Build Success with Active Planning, Day 1 In this interactive customer spotlight, finance leaders from a range of manufacturers will discuss how they’ve adopted an active planning process that goes beyond basic budgeting to include the integration of data from financial and operational systems. This is your chance to ask questions, network, and gain insights into best practices.
  • Amanda Ng, Creation Technologies
  • Kelly Malachowski, Adaptive Insights
  • Tony Wright, Adaptive Insights
Managing Your Largest Expense: Your People, Day 1 If you’re like many organizations, your staff is your largest expense, while constant fluctuations in employee populations make it difficult to plan. Whether you’re in high growth mode, need to plan for seasonal workers, or plan FTEs as a function of metrics, we’ll provide several strategies for forecasting people-related expenses even when employees
are in motion.
  • Jeanie Park, Adaptive Insights
  • Stacy Tow, Adaptive Insights
Microsoft Office and Adaptive Insights, Day 1 Who says Adaptive Insights and Excel can’t co-exist? In this session, we will walk through the Office add-ins available to users for both planning and reporting within Excel, as well as highlight the ability to produce financials in Word.
  • Alice Coyne, Adaptive Insights
  • Henry Hsi, Adaptive Insights
New Currency Functionality: Constant Currency Reporting & User Defined Currencies Exchange rate fluctuations can throw off even the most careful analysis. In this session we will demonstrate using virtual versions to simplify analysis involving multiple currencies. Also, see how the use of user defined currencies allows for precision in defining and assigning currencies. Gary Kantz
New Look for Analytics, Day 2 Brains, meet beauty. Check out the new user interface for analytics in Adaptive Insights, featuring a self-service, drag and drop experience. In addition, new features include more chart types and time settings, along with a presentation mode that allows for presenting and interacting with data directly from your dashboard. We’ll also show you how to
import existing perspectives into the newly released UI.
  • Miguel Danao, Bishop Wisecarver
  • Jugal Shah, Adaptive Insights
Phenomenal Formula Writing, Day 1 and Day 2 Don’t let formulas intimidate you. We’ll show you how to improve your documentation and your own understanding alike by leveraging spaces and comments to write your formulas. This hands-on session will give you a chance to practice using an editor like Notepad to modify sample formulas.
  • Derek Nelson, Adaptive Insights
  • Chris Abbiuso, Adaptive Insights 
Planning for a Profitable Business & Professional Client Service, Day 1 When it comes to professional services, planning is everything. We’ll discuss the most effective way to plan and manage an efficient client services-based business through improved budgeting, forecasting, and capacity management.
  • Erin Riesmeyer, Martiz
  • Keith Anglin, Adaptive Insights
  • Ken Porter, Adaptive Insights
Preparing for Your Next Budget Cycle (Part 1 of 2), Day 1 We’ll show you how to prepare your Adaptive Insights model for your next budget or forecast cycle by walking through the process of reviewing users, updating your structure and training materials, and learning how the Process Tracker streamlines the process for your budget owners. Eric Hoffman, Adaptive Insights
Preparing for Your Next Budget Cycle: Taking It a Step Further (Part 2 of 2), Day 2 Continuing where Part 1 left off, here you’ll learn how to prepare for a new budget cycle by updating the data and assumptions in your Adaptive Insights model, along with best practices for organizing your model to streamline updates and enable cross-functional collaboration. Erica Hoffman, Adaptive Insights
Revenue: The 'Phase II' Software Companies Can't Afford to Miss, Day 1 The topline is critical to forecasting any high-growth software business. If bringing bookings and revenue into your model is still on the ‘to-do’ list, here’s your head start. We’ll show examples of how to build bookings plans, use modeled sheets to translate bookings into revenue, and pull deferred revenue waterfalls from your ERP.
  • Greg Heller,  Modernizing Medicine
  • Jason Levine, Modernizing Medicine
  • Tony Acosta, Adaptive Insights
Revenue from Contracts with Customers, Day 2  
  • Kerman Lau, Adaptive Insights
  • Tony Acosta, Adaptive Insights
Take it from the Top: Revenue Planning, Day 2 A solid topline forecast sets the stage for decisions across your organization. If you need to increase production, change hiring plans, or accelerate initiatives, learn how to use topline modeling to gain the insights needed to inform cross-functional
decision making.
Tony Wright, Adaptive Insights
Serve Your Nonprofit Mission with Confidence, Day 1 Budgeting and forecasting is the secret to serving your nonprofit mission confidently. Learn how to improve grants, membership, events, certification management, and donor confidence by creating transparency with self-service reporting.
  • Greg Volpe, Adaptive Insights
  • James Meyer, Adaptive Insights
Taking the First Step on the Adaptive Insights Journey, Day 1 Welcome to Adaptive Insights! When starting on the journey to adopting a new platform it helps to start with the end in mind. Come learn how we can help you prepare for implementation and ensure your organization achieves its desired
business outcomes.
Stacy Tow, Adaptive Insights
Thinking Beyond the Numbers: A View Into Board Meetings and Board Reporting, Day 1 Join Adaptive Insights CFO Jim Johnson as he discusses how Adaptive Insights’ analytics and reporting tools can make you better prepared and confident for Board meeting presentations and Q&A.
  • Sergio Monsalve, Norwest
  • Mark Templeton, Citrix
  • Jim Johnson, Adaptive Insights
Thunderdome: How Best to Get Vendor Level Detail in Expense Planning, Day 2 FP&A professionals from different camps will square off in a heated debate on whether it’s best to use splits, transactions, dimensions, standard, modeled, or cube sheets when forecasting and reporting vendor level detail. A fight not to be missed!
  • Andrew Setness, DialSource
  • Kate Reeder, Crimson Hexagon
  • Kerman Lau, Adaptive Insights
Time Granularity: Blending Your Model, Day 1 With Adaptive Insights’ flexible time modeling, it’s simple to have different parts of your model exist at different time scales while still allowing unified reporting and modeling of your overall plan. We’ll demonstrate how to easily build models that contain flexible time areas, such as weekly revenue plans that feed into a monthly financial model. Nate Skelton, Adaptive Insights
Understanding Your Adaptive Insights Model, Day 2 Go under the hood as we give you a guided tour of your model. Together we’ll review a six-step model to help you understand your model and best practices. For this session you’ll need to bring your computer and have admin access to your Adaptive Insights model. Marlon A. Sims, Adaptive Insights
Use Stories to Breathe Life Into Facts and Figures, Day 1 Help your audience understand financial concepts by integrating storytelling techniques into your presentations. In this workshop we’ll review the elements of storytelling and how to use them to engage your audience. We will also discuss tips and tricks to help you refine your presentation skills.
  • Patricia Strohlein, Adaptive Insights
  • Quy Don, Adaptive Insights
Using the Process Tracker to Drive Collaboration and Adoption, Day 2 Not everyone speaks finance. We’ll show you how to use the Process Tracker to facilitate collaboration and adoption while making it easier for budget owners to contribute and consume data through step-by-step instructions and in-context communications. Amanda Merchant, Adaptive Insights


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